Simple Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

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Simple Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

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If your house has hardwood flooring, then you have reason to be proud of your floor as it helps create a cozy environment in your home. It is also hypoallergenic as it does not trap dust. However, proper maintenance of hardwood floors is not simply an aesthetic matter but a commitment to financial responsibility as well. This is because, whereas homeowner’s insurance may cover different damages, like issues due to water, claims filed with carriers will impact your policy, for instance, premium increase. Replacing flooring is also an expensive and messy ordeal, especially if you do not plan for it but have to undertake it suddenly due to an accident

Clean Properly

The ideal cleaning involves dusting the hardwood floor daily using a microfiber cloth to gather dust, vacuuming weekly, and gently cleaning with an appropriate cleaner. Remember that although wood is sturdy, it was once a living organism, so you should not use liberal liquids such as soap and vinegar to clean it. Repeated use of these liquids may lead to a dull appearance. Devices that apply both moisture and heat, such as steam cleaners, may also cause the floor to cup and get damaged over time.

The wood flooring will require good polish to even out the protective by filling the scratches. This is important as the wood will sustain erosion due to regular cleaning and daily use. Additionally, it would help if you considered having felt floor protectors on the legs of your furniture and protective mats at the entrance and high traffic areas.Simple Hardwood Floor

Protection From Water and Damages

Personal property coverage normally pertains to accidental and sudden damage. These issues may include burst pipe or appliances such as the washing machine breaking down unexpectedly. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover problems resulting from improper maintenance.

Therefore, if your hardwood floor is damaged as a result of not taking action to repair plumbing issues, you may be stuck with the cost of address the problems yourself. You have to protect the flooring from such room

Arm Against Parasites

Parasites like termites and powderpost beetles can attack your hardwood floor, so you should check for them periodically to ensure they do not spread. Powderpost beetles can burrow into the wood and ultimately reduce it to dust. You should investigate small, round holes on the floor surface and consult with pest control companies on a control and prevention plan.

Hardwood flooring is a worthy investment, and you need to take care of your floor to keep it in good shape. These are some of the simple tips for maintaining your hardwood floor.